Elected Members’ Toolkit

Welcome to the Elected Members learning & development toolkit. Here you will find resources from the Improvement Service and Talent & Organisational Development team to help you build on your essential skills – scroll down the page to access the available resources.

Improvement Service resources

The Improvement Service supports development of local government in Scotland. Their purpose is to help councils and their partners to improve the health, quality of life and opportunities of all people in Scotland through community leadership, strong local governance and the delivery of high quality, efficient local services.

They also provide a range of learning and development resources aimed specifically at Elected Members.

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Click here to view self-assessment checklists on the Improvement Service website

Other learning & development resources

A wide selection of information booklets, training materials and recorded webinars are available to help you develop the skills you need in your role as an Elected Member.

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———— Committees & Meetings ———–
Your role as an Elected Member
—— Working with Communities——
———— Partnership Working ————
———— Scrutiny & Challenge ————
———– Personal Effectiveness ———–
————– Leadership Skills ————–
——— Elected Member Workshops ——

Digital Leadership & Skills: Elected Members – Heartbeat Marketing Pack

During the early months of 2019, the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government, in partnership with the Improvement Service, issued a survey to all Elected Members in Scotland, to look at how they can take your requirements and thoughts forward using Scottish Approach to Service Design and co-design a programme which aims to:

– Help create awareness of the positive outcomes digital could have for Elected Members and their constituents;

– Educate and inform how digital is crucial to the success of delivering front line services in a more efficient and cost effective way;

– Inform Elected Members on finding more uses from valuable data and statistics available within their Local Authority.

Following the analysis of this survey, the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government have produced a ‘Heartbeat Project Marketing Pack’ which details some of the key findings from the survey and also summarises the benefits, challenges and resources we require to progress with co-designing this programme.

You can view the Heartbeat Project Marketing Pack by clicking the image below – at the end of the pack you will have an opportunity to register for a Digital Leadership and Skills workshop being hosted on 28 January 2020 – full details available in the Heartbeat Project Marketing Pack.