Competency framework

Our PRD process is an integral part of our performance management arrangements. An important part of PRD involves ensuring everyone is performing effectively against the key competencies we expect all staff to demonstrate in their daily working life.

Our 5 key competencies are:




We have developed a Competency Framework which sets out the behaviours that required for effective performance. This framework is an essential tool to assist in the delivery of the key priority of improving the council’s resource base. Competencies should be used in everybody’s day to day work.


Different Roles and the Competencies

Within each competency there are 4 levels as different jobs require different levels of complexity of the same behaviour.

Level 1 applies to everyone in the council. Levels 2, 3 and 4 are cumulative, which means staff at higher levels would be expected to be demonstrating positive behaviours from the previous levels.

Level 1: all employees of the council i.e. individual contributor within a team
Level 2: Team Leader or Manager i.e. plays a supporting role for a team and has accountability for team results
Level 3: Area or functional manager; manager of managers i.e. third tier officers
Level 4: Executive Level i.e. extended and core CMT


Click here to view the competencies for each level.


Leadership Competencies

Within each of the behavioural competencies, there are statements about what this behaviour may look like at each level. Leadership competencies are built into these statements and clearly indicate particular behaviours a leader should be demonstrating. It is important to note that in all people management processes, leadership occurs at all levels of the organisation, not just at the top.


If you would like to find out more about the competency framework please contact Talent and Organisational Development team.