Developing yourself and others – e-learning

E-learning available in this category:

Assert Yourself

This course explains what assertiveness is and gives information on how to behave more assertively.

Business Writing Skills

In this course you will learn how to produce effective business documents and become aware of:

  • typical barriers facing a reader when trying to understand a document
  • how to write and set out essential information clearly
  • guidelines for producing common business documents such as letters, memos and reports
  • how to assess the readability of your writing
  • common writing mistakes

Embracing Change

Change is a constant feature of our organisation and this module covers how we are changing, how change affects us, and how you can embrace, get involved in and contribute to change.

Interview Skills

This module will give you hints and tips on how to give your best at interview, from your appearance and body language to preparation and questioning.

Presentation Skills

Effective presentation is a skill that anyone can learn. This module looks at the importance of preparation, knowing your audience, using the right materials to get a message across and how to deal with nerves.

Telephone Techniques

Hints and tips for dealing effectively with telephone calls from internal and external customers and techniques for dealing with “difficult” callers.

Time Management

How to make the most of your time by examining your ways of working, how you prioritise and how assertive you are.

Your next step!

Looking to take a different career path or have your eye on a promotion? This module will help you prepare to take the next step towards your goal.