Graduate level apprenticeships

What is a Graduate Apprenticeship?

A Graduate Apprenticeship is a brand new way of being able to work, earn and achieve a degree (up to masters level) at the same time. You’ll spend most of your time learning on the job, but will also spend some of your time as a student at University. Each Graduate Apprenticeship framework has been designed with industry in mind and will usually take 4yrs to complete.

For more information on the current frameworks available please click here.

You can find out more about our Graduate Apprenticeship programme in our GA Booklet

How do I apply?

Nominations from each Service are requested in March of each year and employees interested in undertaking a qualification need to complete an application form at this time. A short interview with each potential candidate will then take place. As the number of places available is limited there is no guarantee that every application will be successful.

For more information please contact the Talent and Organisational Development Team