Disposal of sharps

Who is it for?

All Cleaning Supervisors and Janitors who come into contact/have the potential of coming into contact with sharps, on a regular basis.



Course content overview

  • how to identify different types of sharps
  • the different types of blood borne pathogens/viruses that exist
  • the importance of the hazards and risks involved in dealing with sharps
  • the importance of personal Health and Safety and how this can be achieved
  • first aid requirements in the event of a needle stick injury
  • how to identify and use the correct uplift equipment for safer on-site disposal of sharps
  • exercise the full disposal for sharps

This course is designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge to help maintain a safe and healthy work environment and personal health and safety whilst carrying out the correct disposal procedure of all types of sharps (i.e. needles, syringes, glass, blades etc)

What you need to do before attending?


How long does this course last?

2 hours

Who will provide this training?

A qualified member of the Talent and Organisational Development Team

How much does this cost?

Contact Talent and Organisational Development Team for details

When is this course running?