Minute takers (open learning)

Who is it for?

Staff who want to improve or develop skills in minute taking

Course content overview

This course follows a development pathway which consists of the following elements:

  1. An open learning workbook which can be completed at the learner’s own pace. This is a self-study book which outlines the basic principles of minute taking. It provides information on what makes a good minute and sets some exercises for the learner to try themselves. The practical exercises are aimed at helping the learner understand the importance of minutes and develop an appropriate writing style.
  2. Identifying development needs. As the learner completes the workbook they will be guided to think about improvements or changes they would like to make to their existing practice. They will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan to detail what they need to do to improve their skills, which should be shared with their line manager in supervision.
  3. Practical experience. Learner’s will gain practical experience in minute taking by shadowing an experienced minute taker and being allocated a meeting to minute.

All three elements must be completed before a certificate is issued.

What you need to do before attending?


How long does this course last?

Each individual learner will complete this at their own pace

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When is this course running?