Child development open learning programme

Who is it for?

All staff working within a Children and Family setting and those from other disciplines who have contact with children including:

  • residential childcare staff
  • project workers
  • social work assistants
  • resource workers
  • resource assistants
  • home support staff
  • social workers

Course content overview

Programme content: 2 Open Learning Packs

1. Child Development- Introduction covers what is meant by child development and looks at influences on child development. A range of models of child development are explored.

2. Child Development – Assessing Attachment, Separation and Loss, is undertaken after completion of the first pack. The material covers how attachments develop and how to promote or maintain attachments. A range of strategies to help the child who has specific attachment needs are explored. The material also looks at the impact of separation and loss and how to assist in resolving issues of loss.

Throughout the programme you will have opportunities to reflect on your practice in relation to child development. In recognising that many staff have a lot of knowledge and experience the learning event will offer the opportunity to reflect on this experience, while at the same time gathering knowledge.

There will also be an opportunity to consider on-going learning and development needs in relation to child development


Learning outcomes

By the end of the learning programme you will have developed an understanding of:

  • the milestones and processes of child development
  • the influences on child development
  • models of child development
  • how attachments develop
  • how to promote or maintain attachments
  • strategies to help the child who has specific attachment needs
  • the impact of separation and loss
  • how to assist in resolving issues of loss


What you need to do before attending?


How long does this course last?

Two open learning packs plus two, half day, learning events to consolidate and build on learning from the open learning material.


Who will provide this training?

Contact Dawn Arnott, Senior Officer, Learning and Organisational Development.

When is this course running?