Getting it right in child protection (5 day course)

Who is it for?

  • Qualified Social workers (both childcare and adult services)
  • senior child care workers
  • all qualified staff who may need to be aware of the child protection process in order to participate in child protection investigations and to be accountable in respect of agency child protection processes


Course content overview

Programme content:

The programme is designed to support qualified staff to become confident lead professionals within the child protection process, liaising with partner agencies from the point of referral, to investigation, case conference, child protection planning and review.

This learning event has inputs from

  • The co-ordinator to the child protection committee, giving an outline of the history of child protection committees and the work undertaken by them in developing child protection practice.
  • A local pediatrician: outlining their role in child protection work, their expectations of social work staff and police bringing children for forensic examinations. This will include slides of physical injuries to children
  • The MAPPA co-ordinator – outlining the focus of the multi agency public protection agency
  • The procurator fiscal crown office – the role of the PF in respect of child protection. The support available to children who are witnesses and child trafficking
  • Strathclyde Police – Domestic abuse unit – in respect of the role of the police in child protection when domestic abuse is an issue.


Learning outcomes:

at the end of this learning event you should be able to recognise and understand;

  • the physical, emotional, behavioural and social signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect and the processes involved in assessing whether any further action is required with reference to Housing & Social Work Services child protection procedures
  • an understanding of both intra and inter-agency roles and responsibilities within the child protection process.
  • core skills of assessment, including risk assessment, using the required framework and recognised assessment tools.
  • individual and collective responses to risk

and have developed

  • a working knowledge of child protection procedures, current legislation and policy.
  • a focus on empowerment of children and families within the child protection process


What you need to do before attending?

You must have the opportunity to observe a child protection case conference before attending the course.


How long does this course last?

5 days


Who will provide this training?

This course is organised and delivered by Learning and Organisational Development Team alongside operational locality practitioners.


When is this course running?

Getting it right in child protection

Getting it right in child protection