Epilepsy awareness

Who is it for?

Staff who work with people who have epilepsy e.g. Locality Support Service Staff, Older Adults Day Service staff, Social Workers, Home Support Managers and Home Support Workers.


Course content overview

Learning Outcomes: The course covers the following areas:

  • epilepsy – the condition
  • diagnostics & treatment
  • living with epilepsy
  • first aid
  • refractory epilepsy
  • epilepsy care plans
  • special considerations
  • risk assessment & management

At the end of this learning event you will have developed your understanding and knowledge of the above.


Learning Pathway: course (4 hours).  Staff who require training in the administration of medication, as an agreed part of an individual’s care plan, can arrange this by contacting the course tutor following the taught input.


What you need to do before attending?


How long does this course last?

4 hours


Who will provide this training?

The course is delivered by Jen Irvine, Epilepsy Nurse Practitioner. Contact Learning and Organisational Development Team for more info.


When is this course running?

Epilepsy awareness

Epilepsy awareness