Mental health awareness pathway

Who is it for?

The course is primarily for people who do not work in mental health services, but who come into contact with people affected by mental ill health in the course of their work.


Course content overview

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the pathway you will have developed your understanding of the following areas

  • Positive mental health
  • Mental Health problems
  • Stigma
  • Recovery
  • Suicide prevention
  • Mental Health inequalities

You will have explored the myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding mental health work and developed an understanding that is based on fact not fiction.

You will have been able to apply your learning from the basis awareness component to a practice situation.


Learning Pathway

The pathway consists of 2 parts:

  1. mindSET: you will be directed to the mindSET website.  Issues covered include positive mental health, mental health problems, stigma, recovery, suicide prevention and mental health inequalities.  On completion, the web site will generate a certificate for you to print and keep in the personal development file.  You will also be sent a case study to consider as you work through the website to help you reflect on what you are learning from the website and how this can be applied to practice.
  2. Group session: this 1/2 day session provides the opportunity to consolidate your learning.  You will have the change to discuss issues arising from the website and the case study and you will be supported in identifying further areas of study if appropriate to your development needs.


What you need to do before attending?


How long does this course last?

  • E-learning via the mindSET website – this takes approximately 3 hours to complete
  • Group learning event – ½ day


Who will provide this training?

Learning and Organisational Development Team


When is this course running?