Housing qualifications

Further education sponsorship – Housing Qualifications

Each year, in April, the Talent and Organisational Development Team contact team leaders and managers in Housing Teams seeking nominations for further education sponsorship for the upcoming academic year. An application form is also made available for completion by employees interested in applying for sponsorship.

Requests for further education are normally based around specific job related qualifications, however other types of courses may be just as appropriate depending on your job role.

Line managers should consider the following when considering whether or not a request for further education sponsorship will be supported:

  • the individual’s commitment to participating in and completing the course of study
  • the relevance of the course to the work role or future development in role of the individual/team/service.

All applications are collated and the final decision rests with the relevant Head of Service.

Completed application forms should be forwarded to Talent and Organisational Development only after full consideration and approval by the individual’s manager, no later than the last working day in May.

It is the responsibility of each employee who has been approved for sponsorship to register with the appropriate college/university.  Failure to make satisfactory progress, failure to meet assessment deadlines or not meeting the minimum attendance criteria of at least 80% would result in non-payment or recovery of course fees.


Acceptable housing qualifications

There is a whole range of housing qualifications out there, however there are certain qualifications that are deemed as acceptable for housing roles in North Lanarkshire Council. Click an image below to find out more: