Driving licence category C

Who is it for?

Drivers identified as being required to operate rigid vehicles over 3500kg (with a trailer up to 750kg)

Course content overview

Module 1: Multiple Choice Hazard Perception (theory test relating to this vehicle category)

Module 2: Case Study (computer based using realistic scenarios a driver may encounter in their driving day)

Module 3: Practical On Road Test

Module 4: Practical Off Road Test (walking around the vehicle answering questions relating to vehicle knowledge and safety)

What you need to do before attending?

Must hold a full B licence + provisional category C licence. Both parts of your driving licence must be taken along to the course.

If you do not bring these along you will be refused access to the course by the training provider, however your employer will still be liable to pay for the training costs.

  1. Obtain the required application pack D2 & D4
  2. Doctor to carry out the required medical completing the D4 form. IMPORTANT: Provisional licence must be applied for within 4 months of medical
  3. complete the D2 provisional Cat C application form.
  4. send both the D2 & D4 along with your existing licence to DVLA
  5. pass the required theory test. The test is now a two part test and can be sat one after the other.
  • Part 1 – 100 multiple choice questions (you must get 85 correct)
  • Part 2 – Hazard perception 19 film clips from which you must correctly identify the hazards in this part of the test you must achieve a score of 67 out of the available 100.
  1. Having passed the theory/hazard perception tests you can now undertake the practical driver training.


Revised Rules

As of September the 10th 2009 learner drivers now need to complete the Initial Driver CPC which adds a further 2 stages to gaining the full entitlement.

Those people who were given the Grandfather / Inferred Cat C1 (7.5 Ton) licences having passed their car licence before the 1st Jan 1997 are not required to do parts 2 and 4.

The same applies to those who have in the past passed their Cat C1. Everybody else has to complete parts 1 to 4.

How long does the course last?

5 days but may be longer depending how trainer assesses drivers ability

Who will provide this training?

Course will be run by an external trainer

How much does this cost?

Contact Talent and Organisational Development Team for details

When is this course running?



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