Excavator 180 (wheeled JCB) refresher

Who is it for?

Employees who have to operate this machinery as part of their work duties and have previously completed the Excavator 180 (wheeled JCB) novice training

Course content overview

Operate the equipment safely and competently following Health and Safety regulations and legislation

What you need to do before attending?

You should:

  • have previous experience of operating this type of machinery
  • be a minimum of 18 years old
  • hold a current Licence B

You should bring the following with you to the training:

  • a passport sized photograph
  • current driving licence
  • current Operator Card/Certificate (if available)

How long does this course last?

1 Day (this may vary depending on the training provider)

Who will provide this training?

This training will be run by an external training provider

How much does this cost?

Contact Talent and Organisational Development Team for details

When is this course running?


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