Ground based chainsaw operations (novice)

Who is it for?

All staff required to fell and process small trees (up to 380mm diameter) who have no previous experience of using this equipment.




Course content overview

  • Workshop and site safety (including risk assessment)
  • Operator safety and protection
  • Chainsaw maintenance
  • Engine systems
  • Drive systems
  • Guidebars
  • Saw chains
  • Fuelling, starting and pre-cutting checks
  • Environmental and legal requirements
  • Fell, takedown and de-limb trees
  • Measuring and cross-cutting timber
  • Presenting timber for habitat and extraction
  • Use of felling and handling aid tools

What you need to do before attending?

Nothing listed

How long does this course last?

Five days (this may vary depending on the training provider)

Who will provide this training?

This is run by an external training provider.

How much does this cost?

Contact Talent and Organisational Development Team for details

When is this course running?


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