Pesticides PA1 assessment

Who is it for?

Staff that have completed a Pesticides PA1 (Novice) course. No previous experience in working with pesticides.

Course content overview

The assessment will be based on the following:

  • legislation which applies to the use of pesticides.
  • precautions necessary to use a product safely, using product label information.
  • correct PPE for use with a particular product as determined by a label and/or COSHH risk assessment.
  • personal hygiene procedures to prevent personal contamination.
  • procedures for dealing with accidental personal contamination.
  • correct procedures for the storage of pesticides.
  • correct procedures for the disposal of empty pesticide containers, surplus pesticide and washings.
  • records that must be kept.
  • situations where pesticide application may pose a risk to people or the environment.

What you need to do before attending?

Completion of PA1 (Novice) training course

How long does this course last?

1 day

Note: this may vary depending on training provider

Who will provide this training?

This will be run by an external trainer

How much does this cost?

Contact Talent and Organisational Development Team for details

When is this course running?


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