Our HR/Payroll system

mySelf is an online system where you can :

  • View and update your personal details
  • Check your holiday balance and book leave
  • View your pay and benefits
  • Check your employment history
  • Claim expenses
  • Book a training course

Everyone requires a personal log-in to access mySelf. Speak to your line manager to find out if you will be given access (some areas of NLC are still to be rolled out)

You can find guidance videos and documents on your mySelf home page to help you use the system.



myTeam is an online application available to all line managers. It allows people managers to view a range of employment information about staff who directly report to them.

Information that can be accessed includes:

  • Organisation start date
  • Details of job position
  • Occupancy details
  • Hours and basis (contractual working hours an employment status)
  • Working patterns
  • Sickness and absence details (view and amend)
  • Standard management reports can be viewed and run
  • Ability to approve holiday and other absence requests
  • Create and authorise training requests


You can find some videos on the myTeam home page to help guide you through using myTeam.


If you are a line manager but do not have access to myTeam, you can contact the Employee Service Centre Systems Admin team.

To help the Systems Admin team deal with your request please provide the following information to them:

  • Full name
  • Employee reference number
  • Job title
  • Work location