Learning pathways

Learning Pathways set out the recommended learning and development activities for all staff and managers to enable individuals to plan their personal and professional development and think about the next steps in their career.

The Pathways have been created in line with the competency framework to ensure individuals can see a development path for enhancing and improving their skills. The programmes outlined in the Pathways are not mandatory however, they provide a good foundation on which to build skills and develop for the future.


North Lanarkshire Council Learning Pathways

There are distinct pathways for four different levels of staff groups, each with recommended learning and development activities.











Click here to see the recommended learning pathways for these four staff groups.


Management Development Pathway

There are recommended programmes which are designed to develop our employees to provide them with the  necessary skills and knowledge should they wish to move through the levels to a management position

There are different levels dependant on where a current or potential leader is starting from. The levels are cumulative therefore a manager at Level 3 should also have undertaken the development opportunities at Level 2.



If you’d like to know more about Learning Pathways please contact the Talent and Organisational Development Team