PRD Conversations – Frequently asked questions

Who is the PRD Conversation for?

All local government employees in North Lanarkshire Council


How often should PRD Conversations be carried out?

It should be carried out on an annual basis and supplemented throughout the year with regular 1 to 1 meetings. There should be no surprises in a PRD Conversation – issues should be dealt with as and when they are identified and not saved up for the PRD Conversation!


Is the PRD Conversation for all Services?

Yes! All colleagues, regardless of their Service, Division or location have an equal opportunity to discuss their objectives, performance and development needs.

Who should carry it out?

The individual’s line manager is responsible for making sure it happens, but both parties are responsible for making sure it is a meaningful conversation.

Where should the documentation be kept?

These should be kept in a secure place. Any learning and development needs should be noted on the development request form and e-mailed to the Talent and Organisational Development Team.


What if there is a disagreement over the ratings?

Ratings should be fully discussed and reasons given. Both parties should provide evidence supporting their viewpoint.

What should the PRD Conversation look like?

A two way discussion between a job holder and their manager on what is important to both. It provides some valuable time to reflect together on performance and development and identify objectives.

When should a team PRD Conversation be used?

This can be carried out where a group of staff:

  • do the same job and
  • have common objectives and
  • have common learning objectives.

Any member of staff still has the right to request an individual PRD Conversation.

If I have two different jobs will I need two PRD Conversations?

This depends on the nature of the two roles.

If they are very similar and you have the same line manager then it may be suitable to have one PRD Conversation. If they are different types of jobs, with different objectives and development requirements then yes.


I have started a new role – how quickly should I have my PRD Conversation?

This is at the discretion of your manager. It is expected that the timing of when you should have your first PRD conversation will be discussed within your first week.


What should I do to prepare for my PRD Conversation?

Have a think about what your objectives are, and what they should be going forward. Think about your own strengths and development areas and what you can do to build on these.


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