What? Why? and When? of PRD Conversations


The PRD Conversation is a two way discussion between you and your manager in which you look at what has been happening over the previous year and look forward to the coming year.

The PRD form is a place to record what has been covered in your discussion at to note down the main discussion points. You don’t need to go through it line by line.

The focus of the discussion should be on what is to both of you to talk about.



Having PRD Conversations means that we know where we are headed and what we are trying to achieve. It provides some valuable time with your manager to reflect on and identify your objectives and agree on how you will continue to build on your strengths and improve on development areas.

A PRD Conversation supports your regular 1:1s with your manager throughout the year and provides context on how things are going as the year progresses.



To be as flexible as possible the PRD Conversation can take place at any point in the year as long as long as each member of staff receives a PRD at least once a year. This allows the process to fit with the Business Plan, Service priorities, work commitments and the requirements of Service Delivery.


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