Procurement evaluation series

The Procurement Evaluation Series builds upon the Commercial Operating Standards for Government and the Outsourcing Playbook.

It is intended to be relevant to most procurements involving multiple bidders.

The Evaluation guidance notes are written for commercial or procurement leads, but are also intended to be useful to evaluators, moderators and others involved in the evaluation process. They consist of:

• First Steps. This provides and overview of the documentation contain in this series.

• Key points and common pitfalls in evaluation. This provides best practice suggestions for those planning and delivering evaluation processes. It includes sections on evaluation issues to consider before launching a procurement process; common pitfalls; timetable and resource planning; keeping an effective audit trail; and avoiding and resolving dead heats.

• Practical tips on core legal principles. This sets out plain English guidance on the core legal principles underpinning evaluation processes, including discussion of common issues and points to watch out for when structuring evaluation processes.

• Setting evaluation criteria. This outlines best practice in determining how to evaluate a procurement, including guidance on weighting criteria, annexed criteria weighting and evaluation templates, and annexed worked examples of relative price-scoring methodologies.

• Clarification and moderation. An overview of how to make sure the clarification and moderation process runs smoothly.

• Roles and responsibilities of an evaluator. This document is intended to help evaluators understand the nature and requirements of their role, and how best to perform it. A separate version of this document is available as a presentation, for use as a training tool. The content is essentially identical.

• Effective report writing for evaluators. This document sets out best practice on how to write good quality evaluation reports.

• Roles and responsibilities of a moderator. This document is intended to help moderators understand the nature and requirements of their role, and how best to perform it.

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